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As computers and operation systems evolved, security became more and more important. Encryption is a common solution for both enterprise and home users to secure their data.
BestCrypt Volume Encryption is a security application that encrypts the data from a disk volume. The concept of Volume Encryption differs from Whole Disk Encryption or Partition Encryption as the first one encrypts a whole disk and not just some parts of it. This provides some advantages, according to the developers, like having all the file structure encrypted at once, better access, and operability.
The application encrypts every type of disk, both fixed or removable. It can be used on simple volumes, mounted volumes, and multipartition ones, like RAID-5, mirrored, stripped, or spanned.
BestCrypt Volume Encryption uses XTS Encryption Mode with several strong encryption, 256-bit algorithms like Twofish, AES,RC6, and Serpent.
To further enhance the data security, BestCrypt Volume Encryption performs a system pre-boot authentication if the whole system or the boot partition is encrypted.
For emergency situations, like disks crashes or physical damage, the application supports several rescue options, allowing users to decrypt the volumes.
BestCrypt Volume Encryption works on all Microsoft operating systems, from Windows 2000 to Windows 7, on both 32 and 64 bit versions.

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